One response to “(Italiano) Cantine aperte”

  1. Kaylene Lawry-Smith says:

    My name is Kaylene amd I am from New Zealand. I had the pleasure of doing the Cantine aperte recently in May 2012. The walk was fantastic, through vineyards to a village and then walking back through the beautiful countryside. The commentary was excellent and very informative – I learnt a lot about grapes, wine making and history of the area. We also enjoyed a lovely snack with the best cherries I have ever tasted – this was at the half way point and then we enjoyed a gorgeous glass of wine and a local dish that was delicious, at the conclusion of our walk. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed the company of lots of great people.
    Special thanks to Daniela of Altraumbria who suggested this tour. I would thoroughly recommend this tour.

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